No Office Hours due to COVID-19

Due to the current situation, there are no StuStaNet office hours for the time being.
For the payment of the admission fee, we have set up the possibility of online payment via PayPal. Wi-Fi routers can also be purchased from us in this way (note, however, that we only sell routers in connection with a membership or to StuStaNet members).

Member Advantages

Direct Internet Access:
You can access the Internet directly and don't have to setup the proxy in your applications. Some applications don't support the configuration of a proxy, which is necessary, if you are not a member of StuStaNet. Apps like WhatsApp or online games won't work unless you are a member of StuStaNet.
Member Services:
We provide a number of services exclusively to our members. These are, amongst others, outdoor Wi-Fi, cloud storage, e-mail accounts, a backup server, chat services, and of course our NAT-gateway.
Members can buy Wi-Fi routers and discounted network cables during our office hours. Our routers are pre-configured, so you don't have to perform the network configuration by yourself.

You can find more information in our wiki.

Signing and Payment

After registration, your Internet access will be activated within 15 minutes.
You then have 4 weeks to put the signed application form into our mailbox and pay the one-time membership fee of 20 Euro online, or your application will become void and your access will be deactivated automatically again.

Application Form

With this form you apply to become a member of StuStaNet e.V..


Please note the Statutes and User Rules (English translation), which you have to accept when becoming a member.